Is this how the President works together with Republicans in Congress?

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from The Gray Area:

During President Obama’s 2015 SOTU address his repeated stated his desire to work with the new Republican majority in Congress. Then yesterday, President Obama issued his 2015 budget proposal. Josh Earnest read a summary of the President’s proposal saying in the first paragraphs that “his budget will reverse harmful sequestration cuts, … invest in his vision for middle class economics … the President will also make it clear that … he holds Republicans responsible for fixing this problem of their own making … Republicans have shirked their responsibility … in favor of a political stunt …

Does this sound like someone who wants to work with Congress? Coming just 9 days after the SOTU the President attacks Republicans and says its his vision he wants supported. This is the same strategy he used the last two years with a Republican House and Democrat Senate.

His SOTU was an overtly political speech in which he talked out of both sides of this mouth, at points seeming conciliatory and others outright vicious. His budget actions are therefore consistent with his speech, overtly political and purposely deceptive.