Mitt Out – Graham In?

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from The Gray Area:

On November 20, 2014 I went out on a limb and stated that Republicans should use a known candidate for President in 2016. That known candidate was Mitt Romney. Oops. I guess Mitt wasn’t as confident as I was/still am.

When Paul Ryan announced he would not seek the Republican nomination, I thought that was a good decision. I don’t like the Romney decision. He did leave a little crack in the door saying he might re-enter the race as “a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency option for … Republicans”. But, that would signal to me that a long shot situation for Republicans had developed.

So, before I make another call for the Republicans, lets see how the early posturing develops.

For example, today, Lindsay Graham sent out a notification that he has “begun the process to ‘test the waters’ for a potential 2016 run for President of the United States” under the theme Security Through Strength. Graham says “Ronald Reagan’s policy of ‘Peace Through Strength’ kept America safe during the Cold War. But we will never enjoy peaceful coexistence with radical Islam because its followers are committed to destroying us and our way of life. However, America can have ‘Security Through Strength,’ and I will continue to lead in that critical fight.”

In the meantime, the best current view of the Republican candidates was provided yesterday by Karl Rove, What to Watch in the GOP jockeying for 2016.