We cannot defeat this enemy if some refuse to believe we have an enemy

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from The Gray Area:

One of the things that made America great, was the ability to know the difference between good & evil. In our 21st Century world, the left, the media and Hollywood will have you believe their is no good & evil, only shades of grey. In The Gray Area we recognize this and attempt to provide each position along the continuum from left to right in their own words so our readers can determine if they see black or white, good or evil, or if affluent, insensitive, racist, sexist, violent America caused it all.

Even understanding that, it is so frustrating to have to comment again on the blatantly political reactions to the movie “American Sniper“. Yesterday, a new reaction came out in Rolling Stone, “American Sniper is almost too dumb to criticize” by Matt Taibbi. This article is so idiotic it shouldn’t be honored with comment. Especially coming in Rolling Stone, with its already transparent lack of true journalistic capability. Yet, the article is so full of the liberal Iraq narrative “about the failed WMD search, Abu Ghraib, or the myriad other American atrocities and quick-trigger bombings that helped fuel the rise of ISIL and other groups“, it misses the point(s) of the movie. The main reason we are hearing so much vitriol from the left about this movie is because it is a hit. People are affected by it. And the left has to comment because they fear their house of cards narrative will collapse under the pressure of a realistic perspective.

But, even though I don’t want to comment, I can’t resist. Matt Taibbi “is almost too dumb to criticize”. That’s what Taibbi titled his article? That’s right. And it perfectly applies to my commentary. Restating the claim is always the case with the left’s assertions. The truth is usually 180 degrees from whatever their point is.

In this case Taibbi goes into the mindless dissertation about the War on Terror, hatefully attacking George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and explaining the supposedly “single mindedness” of the plot line in this movie.

The fact is this movie is multidimensional with many important messages that Taibbi’s simple minded “hate America” attitude cannot comprehend. He should read Howard Schultz new book, “For Love of Country” to test his intellectual honesty with regard to duty, character and sacrifice – principles he obviously has no understanding of or respect for.

If you hate this country and what it stands for, you will never understand those who love it and believe in what it stands for.

No matter what your politics, expand your mind a little with regard to “American Sniper”. Recognize the value to us all of the lost American values of duty, citizenship and sacrifice. Notice the consistently respectful language, “Yes Sir’, No Sir”, used in every military and civilian scene. Give a realistic look at the destructive minority of Islamic lunatics who declared war on this country long before we went into Iraq. Believe the horrific way in which they treat their own people who don’t submit to their tyrannical control. Try to understand what our military do every day, not because someone forced them to, but because they volunteered to stand on a wall for each of us every day. Feel the pain of those veterans who return from this terrible experience and think about ways to help them, not just through the government, but help them yourself. Accept the love that is embedded in this movie. Love of God, wife, family, country and of others, other fellow Americans and other innocent peoples. Do yourself a favor. See the movie, and feel the sadness of the real world and the clarity of vision that comes from a broadened perspective.

A fair description of both side’s arguments are present in this article From BBCNews:

Once again, we have evidence of two Americas – one that embraces Kyle as a hero and another that sees him as anything but. One that sees the world as a conflict between good and evil (wolves, sheep and their sheepdog protectors, as the film describes it) and one in which grey shades dominate and snipers – even US military ones – can be “cowards”, in filmmaker Michael Moore’s words.

We cannot defeat this enemy if some refuse to believe we have an enemy, or if we lack respect for those who stand on the wall to protect us all.

Where are these people who are talking about cowards when the “savages” kill their own people with electric drills and behead anyone who disagrees with them? Where is the public outrage? At some point, I suggest it is here around this movie, you have to question their intellectual honesty vs their political ideology.