The Only Thing You Need To Know About ‘Free” Child Care

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from The Gray Area:

Everyone agrees that the cost of child care today is expensive. At the same time, caring for our most previous human resources requires high value skills. For all households where both parents either want or have to work outside the home, doing the math on child care costs versus incremental income is a potential deal breaker. At the same time, 40% of families are headed by single mothers, so the math is a waste of time. She must provide for her family.

Sounds like I am beginning to make the case for support of President Obama’s Free Child Care Program proposal in his SOTU Address Tuesday, doesn’t it. But that is not true. The program is the wrong solution to the problem.

My lack of support follows the important points; we cannot afford it, it doesn’t really cover the cost of child care and it has absolutely no impact on the problem of child care costs. But there is one element of the President’s proposal that makes it a non-starter. You can make up to $120,000 and get a child care credit.

Think about that! I’ll wait …………… still waiting …………..

So, we already have a healthcare system that subsidies healthcare cost for those making up to $90,000. Now we want to add to that a child care credit for incomes up to $120,0000. What’s next? Homes and care for everyone making 6 figures!?! This is nonsense! If you are fortunate enough to make a 6 figure family income, you can determine how to cover your household costs on your own, healthcare and child care included. Trying to come up with a reason for the rest of us pay your bills is a NO!

Ok, we all like to get free stuff, but this is ludicrous. This is just a simple political, tax & spend giveaway to generate votes.

And, while we are wasting money on 6 figure income families, we are not helping the truly needy members of our society.