MLK DAY – repost

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from The Gray Area:

Let’s try to re-learn this quote from Dr Martin Luther King with a focus on “character”. Think of it as not being directed only at white people, but directed to all people. Think of it as a challenge to black people to continue to demonstrate their value and character and to white people to look beyond skin color to recognize that character.

To often the “color of their skin” part continues to overshadow the “content of their character”. In our country today, “skin color” is focused on by the race agitators and gets all the media attention. But, contrary to the political and media narrative, “skin color” doesn’t really matter to a vast majority of our people. “Character” does.

The “character” payoff in Dr King’s “dream” could use some attention from the race agitators and the media to fully realize Dr. King’s dream. Don’t give justification to examples of bad character.

Instead, illustrate examples of good judgement & character. They exist everywhere and we need more.