Twenty Percent of U.S. Households on Food Stamps

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from NCPA,

For 38 months straight, more than 46,000 Americans have been on food stamps. According to Ali Meyer at CNS News, that’s almost more than the entire population of Spain!

Meyer reports that there were 46,674,364 people in the food stamp program (more formally, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) in October 2014. In fact, that means that 14.6 percent of the American population and 19.7 percent of American households were on food stamps in October.

Meyer notes that food stamp benefits cost taxpayers $5,978,320,593 each month, typically yielding $261.44 per household in benefits.

Is 46 million unusual? Absolutely. While food stamp enrollment has been above 46 million since 2011, it was never that high historically. There were just 2,878,000 Americans enrolled in the food stamp program in 1969. Since then, it has increased by a whopping 1516.96 percent.

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