Health care blazes ahead

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from The Gray Area: Usually the media narrative regarding corporate profits is about how bad it is for main street. Comments something like these:
Corporate executives taking unfair profits from everyday Americans. Corporations are bad. Republicans are passing laws to help their corporate cronies. The 1% again.
You hear this regarding financial corporations on Wall Street, about oil companies, about companies supporting the defense industry like Haliburton. Healthcare companies saw tremendous growth in 2014 as indicated in the recent Fortune Magazine article below. Where is the media and leftist outcry with Healthcare companies? Think Obamacare. Its hard to promote Obamacare and then be angry at the people you asked to get it done for you. Hypocritical maybe? Deception maybe? Ideology vs country maybe? Just bad judgement maybe? All four when it comes to the politics of the left and Obamacare.

from Fortune Magazine,

Fortune 500 health care firms lead the way, ringing up double-digit sales growth over the past 12 months.

We don’t have enough data to say whether Obamacare is good for the country, but one thing is certain so far: It’s been a boon for the health care industry. In 2014 companies have mostly benefited from the law, which brought new customers to insurers, new paying patients to hospitals, and new prescription users to the pharmaceutical industry. The ongoing wave of M&A activity and successful drug debuts were also key factors driving the leading sector’s sales growth.

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