Faux Pas

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from MSNBC,

The White House on Monday failed to address President Barack Obama’s whereabouts the previous day, when more than 40 world leaders and millions of marchers gathered at solidarity rallies in France to unite against terrorism in the wake of multiples murders that rocked Paris last week.

Press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters during a briefing on Monday that he had not spoken to Obama about “what he did” on Sunday. Earnest, who was pummeled by the media on the administration’s lack of representation in France, said U.S. officials were absent from the scene because of security concerns and the reality that the rallies were scheduled in less than 36 hours. The White House, he added, didn’t want Obama’s presence to disrupt the gatherings.

It was “fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile” to France,” he said Monday, adding there should be “no doubt” Americans stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the French in fighting terrorism and standing up for the freedoms of speech and of the press.

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