Victory! EEOC’s Decision in Favor of Teacher Walt Tutka

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from Liberty Institute,

A New Jersey school district violated the law when it fired a teacher who handed a Bible to a student, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled on December 15, 2014. The ruling was made public Tuesday.

After a two-year legal fight against religious discrimination and retaliation in one of our nation’s public schools, Walt Tutka received the decision he deserved.

The EEOC determined there was reasonable cause to believe the Phillipsburg School District discriminated against Walt Tutka, a substitute teacher. The EEOC also said religion and retaliation played a factor in Tutka’s firing.

The Phillipsburg School District owes Walt his job, back pay and an apology. They waged a disgusting public war against this fine, upstanding man simply because he gave a child a Bible.

“This is a great indication the EEOC is taking religious liberty seriously and they are going to enforce the law — and in this case make sure Walt’s rights are protected,” Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser told me.

When they appear Thursday morning, January 8th, on FOX News’ Fox & Friends (beginning at 6 AM ET), Tutka and Liberty Institute Director of Litigation, Hiram Sasser, will share more with a nationwide audience about the victory Tutka hopes will allow him “to return to serving our nation’s most valuable resource, our students.”

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