It’s Liberalism That Kills the American Dream

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from Limbaugh Letter,

The so-called American Dream – where hard work leads to more opportunities – is an illusion in the United States.” CBS, “There Is No American Dream,” touting the conclusions of Gregory Clark, economics professor at UC Davis, CBS News, 11/26/14.

Even MSNBC swerved into the truth. A chart accompanying a 5/23/14 article titled, “Sorry Conservatives – America’s Mobility Problem is Real”, actually demonstrates the opposite.

“For most of our history, America was a haven, a refuge – the place that people from around the world came to in order to escape the predations and oppressions of predatory governments. This was the Land of Opportunity. Now, under the influence of progressive ideas, we have become politically corrupt and degenerate. Embracing the morally debased ethos that one is entitled to something for nothing in this world.” – Mark Hendrickson, economist, Front Page, 11/3/14.

“The American economy has stopped delivering the broadly shared prosperity that the nation grew accustomed to after World War II.” The Washington Post, 12/15/14.

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