People Have To Be Taught to Hate

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A Conversation with Dr. Thomas Sowell, a true American treasure, one of the greatest minds in the nation, whose fifth edition of Basic Economics is a must.

That exact question is also the question. Is there a point of no return? And that’s what I really fear. Had the Democrats maintained control of both houses of Congress, maintained control of the Senate, and Obama had been able to appoint federal judges up and down the line for the next couple of years, perhaps even some Supreme Court justices, I don’t know how we could recover from that. Because that would mean that the deterioration of the rule of law would continue on, long after he was gone. Far fetched as it may seem, if Iran were to launch a couple of nuclear bombs into the United States, I think he would surrender. Don’t forget, Japan surrendered after only two nuclear bombs, and Japan was a lot tougher country in 1945 than we are today.

People have to be taught to hate. [Obama] has been taught to hate. From his earliest childhood, his mother hated this country. The people his grandfather introduced him to in adolescence hated this country. People he sought out himself, Edward Said, Derek Bell, Jeremiah Wright. People are astonished that he has someone as slimy as Al Sharpton as his White House adviser. The question is, how in the world is Al Sharpton any different from Jeremiah Wright? What bothers me is that people were expecting this man to bring us all together, but everything in his past said he was going to tear us all apart.”

You’ve taught economics your whole life. How do you react to … a professor near you at UC Davis, Gregory Clark, … who says there is no American Dream and there has never been an American Dream[?]He’s wrong, is the short answer. Unfortunately, the people who are saying the things he’s saying are defining mobility [wrong]. Many people are citing a study by the Pew Research people. I’ve read the research. The Pew people themselves say this does not apply to immigrants. I don’t see how anyone can miss how many different Asian groups have come here, and in one generation have gone from low levels to their kids heading off to prestigious colleges and professional careers. The real question is, why is it that low-income people today don’t move up as much? My answer is, it’s the welfare state. They don’t have to work. It’s the school system. I know that a kid growing up in Harlem, living right where I lived when i was growing up, does not have the educational opportunity I had, partly because the schools themselves have deteriorated. But, in addition, he’s being told every day that the deck is stacked against him. He has no chance.

I have never believed that Obama was out to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. I believe he was out to stop Israel from stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

The black community wasn’t always the way it is in Ferguson and other places where people are rioting. In fact, I would be hard pressed to think of five times in the first half of the 20th century when what happened in Ferguson happened anywhere in the United States. In those days, those blacks who did not have education and human capital in other forms looked up to the people who did. And the people who did tried to bring them up. Today we have the reverse socialization.

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