The War Against the Truth

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by Rush Limbaugh,

from Limbaugh Letter,

“[T]o let fact-checking define the narrative would be a huger mistake.” – Julia Horowitz, student newspaper editor at the University of Virginia, site of Rolling Stone‘s discredited gang-rape story, in “Why We Believed Jackie’s Story,” in Politico, 12/6/14

Jackie’s story might not be real, but a bigger one is, One in five women say they have been raped.” – Yvonne Abraham, The Boston Globe, 12/7/14. According to DOI figures, one in 500 women are raped on campus.

… I still don’t really care if what’s presented in the [Rolling Stone] article is true or not because I think it’s far more important that people focus on the issue of sexual assault as a whole.” – Ryan Duffin, friend of alleged rape victim “Jackie”, AP, 12/15/14.

So, Rolling Stone runs “A Rape on Campus: A brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA“, a sensational story … [picked up by the media and the left]. …

But something goes awry. The UVA story unravels. … [but] to almost everyone on the left, it doesn’t make any difference whether or not these particular accusations are true or false. The left wants you to understand that truth or falsehood doesn’t matter. Fact’s don’t matter. What matters is the narrative. … what the left considers the “bigger truth”.

The left’s disregard for [the truth] and redefinition of it … [is like] a psychologist, [profiling a criminal for cops]… explaining to detectives what they are up against: “We have a killer here who believes in power, not truth. He believes that everything is relative, including the truth, and that power will overpower truth every time its employed.” In other words, it is power that defines the truth. The truth does not define itself. facts do not define themselves. Power molds truth and facts.

I think this is a way to understand modern American media. The truth is what they say it is. They’ve got the power to redefine it, to implement it. They have the power to destroy it. Or, at least they believe they do. … [What we are left with is,] “what do we do when the truth doesn’t matter?”

Conversely, politics isn’t about the way things are. Politics is about the way things seem. Politics are about the way things are perceived. This was on perfect display in the aftermath of what happened in Ferguson. We had a grand jury decision based on testimony and documents … but because that truth is not acceptable, useable or productive for the left’s political purposes, it is ignored. Another truth is being created … five black players for the Rams came out with hands up, showing solidarity with Michael Brown … [but we now know that] his hands were not up. He was not surrendering. Similarly, four [women] on CNN sat … hands raised, “Hands up , don’t shoot”. They were in solidarity with something that did not happen.

The left can wage war on reality all it wants, but it’s a losing battle. No one has the power to destroy the truth, which answers to a higher authority.

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