Obama’s 2014 report card

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from MSNBC,

President Obama declared during his State of the Union address back in January that 2014 would be a “year of action” and a “breakthrough year for America.”

Many pundits, as well as ordinary Americans, seem to believe Obama failed to deliver on those lofty predictions, and that helped lead to a drubbing for his party in the 2014 midterms. The reasons, of course, are in some dispute – critics blame the obstructionist GOP Congress for blocking the president’s initiatives, while critics say he hasn’t mastered the leadership skills necessary to advocate for his agenda.

But surprise, surprise – the conventional wisdom isn’t necessarily correct. Obama accomplished quite a bit this year, often out of the glare of the public eye.

Here’s your 2014 report card, President Obama.

Minimum wage. Overall grade: C

Immigration. Overall grade: B

Healthcare. Overall grade: A-

The economy. Overall grade: B+

Guantanamo. Overall grade: C

Environment. Overall grade: A-

Foreign policy. Overall grade: B-

Education. Overall grade: B-

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