Left Wing Media Assault on the truth

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from Media Research Center,

In the recent election, the liberal media—financed by left-wing extremists like George Soros and Tom Steyer—made every attempt to sway the elections in the Left’s favor.

Although the liberal media were unsuccessful in getting their favorite candidates elected this time they are not backing down. Just look at the following examples of media malpractice, just days after the mid-term elections:

– On CNN Newsroom, Brooke Baldwin played up the apparent similarity between Senator-elect Joni Ernst’s laugh and that of Cruella de Vil, the villain from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

– The Associated Press could not even bring itself to report that Governor Scott Walker won re-election in Wisconsin. Instead, they downplayed his historic third win in four years by begrudgingly reporting, “Walker Survives Challenge in Wisconsin.”

– Washington Post correspondent and chief Anne Gearan made the laughable assertion that the mid-term shellacking of Democrats is actually a good thing for potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

– POLITICO tried to diminish the historical significance of Mia Love’s election as the first black Republican congresswoman by claiming that Democrats conceded her seat long before Election Day.

Having failed to influence how Americans vote in 2014, the liberal media will unleash a full assault on the truth and attack on their political enemies to ensure that they succeed in influencing how Americans vote in 2016.

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