Surprise, Headquarters is a Bureaucracy

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from The Gray Area:

In his Christmas address to the Curia on Monday, Pope Francis took the occasion to address problems in the bureaucracy. Think of the Curia as any large government or corporation headquarters. The Pope coming from the outside, Argentina, meaning non-Italian and non-European, is like someone coming into headquarters from the regional office, they see organizational bureaucracy hindering progress. They see life long bureaucrats holding onto jobs and power, not improving the corporation’s products and services to customers or like the government not serving it’s citizens. The Pope is seeing this in the Curia and sending a message that he wants this to change.

In vivid language, he stated among other things:

Chatter, Grumbling & Gossip.It is the sickness of the cowardly who, not having the courage to speak directly to the people involved, instead speak behind their backs.

Spiritual Alzheimers’s. “We see this in those who have lost their recollection of their encounter with the Lord.

See the interview below from NPR with Religion News Services editor.

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