Denying the obvious doesn’t help your cause.

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from The Gray Area:

The current debate around the murder of two police officers in NYC is centered around were these murders in any way a reaction to protestors chanting “what do we want, dead cops“. Some say those protestors and protest leaders have blood on their hands.

Given his background, the clearly deranged young man, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who allegedly murdered the police officers didn’t need much incentive to get violent. He had just previously referenced the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths and posted on Instagram that “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today” … “They Take 1 Of Ours, Let’s Take 2 of Theirs.” Even if he was not directly associated with the protestors, it would appear logical that he was influenced by them in some way and decided on this occasion to direct his rage toward the police. Doesn’t really take a lot of analysis to conclude the obvious. It is what it is.

Now, the normal reaction to something like this would be how do we make this not happen again. But no, the left is in full denial mode, attacking anyone who even repeats the Instagram quote, refers to protestors who actually held signs saying kill cops or asking protest leaders like Al Sharpton to curtail their emotional outbursts. These attacks include everything from this didn’t happen, to it was an isolated group, to they were not associated with the NYC protestors, to you are against free speech.

While we can go in so many directions with this from hypocrisy to ideological blindness, lets just look at the denial of facts and lack of realistic judgement that is evident here.

Following are several pictures of protestors over the past several weeks that have been seen in newspapers, on internet sites and on TV around the Micheal Brown and Eric Garner incidents:

These photos came from a very quick Google search. Invest more time in the search and I am sure you can find many more examples of the obvious violent retributional motivations of some protestors.

Denying the impact of your protests, intentional or unintentional, is closed minded, narrow and dangerous.

Lets look at this very simply for those who are denying that these signs existed, denying violence was the intent or denying that these signs could have influenced Mr. Brinsley or anyone.

First, there were obviously protestors calling for police deaths, right? The message is clear what those protestors wanted, literally or not, retribution, right? Ismaaiyl Brinsley did post the statements above and referenced the Brown and Garner deaths, right? So, he was obviously making statements consistent with the emotional messaging of some protest leaders and these violence-leaning protestors, right? So stop denying the obvious, it just makes you look silly. And unlike Jonathan Gruber said, the American public is not too stupid to see the obvious connection in this situation.

Now what do we do about it? Do we ask protest leaders to lead like Martin Luther King, non violently, in their actions, their words and their passion? Of course we do. Do we excuse their overly emotional outbursts and the violent nature of some of the protestors and protest groups, absolutely not. When do you take responsibility for your actions? Is carrying a sign saying “kill cops” not inciting violence? Of course it is. And, when someone carries such a sign they should be shunned by the non-violent protestors, turned in to organizers and arrested by police.

I know it is hard for leftists to think about the violence you generate, going all the way back to making up conspiracy theories to cover up the Marxist killer of President Kennedy. Your focus is so single-mindedly on the hate speech and violence you perceive from the right that you turn every negative event in this country into a right wing conspiracy, such as with Gabby Gifford’s shooting, when there was not one fact that would connect the two. Here you have facts and yet you are so in the tank and hypocritical that you are making your side look even more ridiculous by denying them.

Can’t we just deal with real issues of race and violence in the black community and dump the ideology? Creating victims is not the answer. Creating solutions is.