Millionaires’ choice for president: Hillary

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from CNBC,

Millionaires are sharply divided on their choice for the next President of the U.S., according to the second CNBC Millionaire Survey released today. Yet if a vote were held today, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be the overall favorite among millionaire voters.

The survey polled 500 people with investable assets of $1 million or more, which represents the top 8 percent of American households. According to the survey—a poll evenly split between Democrats, Republicans and Independents—Hillary Clinton is the top choice for 31 percent of millionaires, including 23 percent of Independent millionaires and 5 percent of Republican millionaires.

Respondents got to choose among nine potential candidates in the survey: Clinton; Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.); Vice President Joe Biden; Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.); Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas); Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.); former Governor Jeb Bush (R-Fla.); Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Governor Scott Walker (R-Wis.)

Clinton gets the support of 38 percent of women millionaires and 27 percent of male millionaires. Among male millionaires of both parties, Hillary is the top choice, with 27 percent.

Jeb Bush comes in second among millionaires, with 18 percent. But among Republican millionaires, the former Republican Florida governor is far and away the top choice, with 36 percent support. The runner-up among GOP millionaires is Governor Christie, with 19 percent, followed by Governor Walker, with 18 percent.

Christie attracted more Independent millionaires than any other Republican candidate, with 19 percent (second only to Clinton among Independent millionaire voters).

The wealthier millionaires, however, are split between Clinton and Jeb Bush, each getting 27 percent of the vote.

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Millionaires’ choice for president: Hillary