Sharyl Attkisson says: Media assignment editors make decisions based on their bias

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from The Gray Area:

In Rush Limbaugh’s December Issue of the Limbaugh Letter, he offers a conversation with Sharyl Attkisson. This conversations expands on the transcript below from his radio show and gives a chilling commentary on today’s mainstream media from a media insider.

Consider this:

– CNN and other networks struggling for viewers create false “breaking news” stories in hopes the public will be fooled in to thinking that this story is a big deal.
– inside the Obama administration exists an “enemies list” of reporters.
– the “Evening News” managers create a narrative according to them where they assign stories and want them delivered in a certain way according to their preconceived notions.
– it became worse the last couple of years, where managers opinions are so entrenched that they didn’t even recognize that they were inserting their bias into stories.
– they would have a visceral reaction to green energy waste story that they would openly say “don’t you support green energy?” and not want the story lest the public draw the “wrong” conclusion about the issue. The same exchanges apply to other stories like fast & Furious, Benghazi and the “Gruber” video.
– someone planted classified information on her computer and the someone openly took control of her computer cursor deleting information right in front of her – she took a video of the attack.
– Attkisson also agrees that if the Gruber video were something that would embarrass a Republican candidate, it would be on the Evening News every day for weeks, much like the Romney, 47% video was.
– The Romney “47%” video was taken by an Obama operative and sent tot he networks who played in over and over in defiance of journalistic rules that say you do not air propaganda presented from a political party representative. The constant replay was intended to make the int to the public that his was a big deal, when in fact it wasn’t,it was just the truth.

Such insider testimony would be of great media use if it were not mirror on their open political bias. Read the book! You won’t get the information anywhere else.

from Rush Limbaugh,

Sharyl Attkisson’s book is out, Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama’s Washington, and there’s a couple of real blockbuster charges.

It’s not just her details of bias. You know what someone did? Somebody planted… Somebody hacked her computer, somebody from the Regime. She’s not sure who, but she knows this happened. She’s the former reporter from CBS that tried to cover Fast and Furious, tried to cover Benghazi and was shut down by her network and by the White House.

She was shut down by everybody, and she has revealed something that we all know. The assignment editors inside all of these networks actually make decisions on what stories to cover based on whether they will or will not help Obama and the Democrat Party. She documents it now. Again, we know this. It’s crystal clear to anybody paying attention, but she documents it.

But somebody in the Regime hacked her computer and planted a classified document on it, and the only reason to do that would be then to later on charge her with hacking and charge her with illegal possession of classified documents, when she had nothing to do with it. She found it buried or somebody found it for her deeply rooted on her computer. I mean, they were doing all kinds of things to set this woman up, and they didn’t just shut her down.

They were prepared to try to do some lasting damage to her career and her reputation.

But that, again, that brief description just barely scratches the surface.

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