Secretary of Defense Nominee Praises Obama Leadership; Vows to Be Candid

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from Brietbart,

As expected, President Obama says he’s decided to make Ashton Carter his nominee for Secretary of Defense.

“I accepted the president’s offer to be nominated for Secretary of Defense because of my regard of his leadership,” Carter said during Obama’s announcement encouraging Americans to “come together” to combat challenges in the world.

Turning to Obama, Carter vowed to be “candid” as he served in the position vacated by Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, and the outgoing Chuck Hagel.

“If confirmed in this job, I pledge to you my most candid strategic advice,” Carter said. “I pledge also that you will receive equally candid military advice.”

Reporters noted that after the announcement, Carter shared a warm hug with Susan Rice, a member of Obama’s staff. Hagel reportedly clashed with Rice during his time as Secretary of Defense.

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