Why am I a Liberal? Because it makes me feel superior.

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from The Gray Area:

Ronald Reagan said that the only thing wrong with our liberal friends is that some much of what they believe just ain’t so. When you read the “20 reasons why I’m glad I’m a liberal”, you can clearly see how right he was.

Most Progressives are Marxists in disguise. Most don’t even realize and won’t admit that fact. But, as you will see, this list of “20 reasons I’m glad to be liberal” reads just like Marx. It is actually frightening to read the delusional thinking in lists like this that passes for progress on the left.

To give the other side, on the right is a recent article titled “7 Reasons I’m a conservative, not a liberal”.

I believe that if you have an unbiased conversation between liberals and conservatives you will find that we agree on the basics of most issues. Its when the minority representing the extreme left which controls the Democrat Party try to pass off as mainstream American beliefs that the two sides find very deep divisions. If the left can isolate those voices like the right tries to isolate the extreme voices in their midst, we could make tremendous progress together.

In the meantime, let’s review the false narrative of “20 Reasons” one by one. I actually agree with a couple of these beliefs because they are so broad, who wouldn’t. But, since the Democrat Party is currently dominated by the radical left element, these liberal beliefs are feel good, incomplete thoughts.

1. I don’t ignore scientific facts simply because they don’t support my political ideology. Yes, science! I’m proud to be a liberal, accepting all theories that can be modified to support my radical, special interest positions. I cherry-pick scientific information to falsely assert scientific fact (i.e., 97% of scientists agree about climate change) because it supports my agenda and makes me feel superior.

2. I believe “freedom of religion” means freedom for, or from, all religions. This statement reveals a lack of understanding and a clear attack on the Constitution. Any statement including freedom “from” religion should be immediately rejected and the presenter feared. This is the first of many basic beliefs on this list that set the stage for re-writing the Constitution. Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better.

3. I believe that we should worry about helping the full-time worker at Walmart who still needs help from the government just to survive instead of the greedy company not paying them enough to take care of their family despite working 40 hours a week. WOW, Karl I hear you loudly. Anyone who starts a business and eventually hiring millions of people to do honest labor at a fair wage must be a bad guy. Such a company that provides products and services to millions of Americans at a price they can afford is a horrible corporation. Why can’t the government just pay people enough to live because the government is so nice that way. And we know the money to do that grows on the trees in liberal backyards. Is that right Karl?

4. A woman – not the government – should have the right to have control over her own body. Agreed. So, why does the government have to push easy, on demand and free abortions? Seems like the government is trying to control a woman by paying her to have abortions? Is that what we are going for with this feel good statement of letting a woman “control her own body”, more abortions? Or, is that just an unintended but acceptable consequence of controlling your own body? Government shouldn’t dictate anything about a woman’s body. But, isn’t it the responsibility of a mature society to protect itself from consequences like these? Shouldn’t our society be promoting responsible behavior before pregnancy instead of promoting killing unborn children as an acceptable consequence of women’s sexual freedom? Allowing abortions is one thing, but promoting more abortions and irresponsible activity is clearly not in the best interests of any society.

5. I know the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies (the leading factor behind most abortions) is by making sex education and contraceptives more readily available – not less. Science has offered us technology (contraception) to give us greater sexual freedom. However, we have not yet determined how to be responsible with this new found freedom. And liberals miss a basic truth – contraception is not the reason for unplanned pregnancies, irresponsible behavior is the reason. Consequences of this sexual freedom, like STDs are a natural deterrent to promiscuous and harmful practices. But, still, we promote sexual freedom, not responsible behavior. Providing more sexual education would be good if it was to educate about responsible behavior with this new freedom. Instead, sexual education is about increased sexual options and acceptability of any chosen activities, without concern for health, emotional well being or natural consequences. Is promoting irresponsible behavior the best way to reduce unplanned pregnancies? Or, is it the way to increase margin sexual activity?

6. I don’t think war should be the first option on the table, but the last. How do you know when the last resort arrives? Do we know a war that liberals have ever supported? Do we know that appeasement doesn’t work? And, if we do identify this is our last choice and accept war, will a liberal commit to win the war or will they want to quit when things get ugly? Some people just can’t face making difficult choices in life, so they try to avoid them with feel good statements like this.

7. I know tax breaks don’t create jobs – demand does. Very good. If I didn’t know better, this would make me think liberals are actually capitalists. But, as with most proud liberal beliefs, this one is incomplete. Because hidden in this overly simple statement is that taxing the rich and giving it to the poor creates demand – and that is patently untrue. Demand comes from producing products and services that the public are perceived to demand. That takes investment by people with money. If you can incent people with money to make that investment, then you are priming the pump for producing actual economic results of demand and supply. Otherwise, you create a Marxist utopia where supply is reduced and people get very few things they demand.

8. I believe health care should be a right for every American who needs it, not just those who can afford it. Really? Well I believe everyone has a right to contraceptives whether they can afford them or not. I believe everyone who wants a home should have one, whether they can afford it or not? Why stop there? Oh yea, those are liberal positions as well. Continuing the liberal thought then, who can afford to pay for everybody’s healthcare? Looking at every Marxist society that has tried this proves you cannot afford it. It also proves that government then controls your body, which i think you just said you didn’t want. It further proves that supply of healthcare services does not meet demand. And because money is siphoned off the budget, little is left for other priorities. But the statement feels so good, I really want it to be true.

9. I believe that if a business can’t pay their workers a living wage then they shouldn’t be in business. You don’t start a business to provide a product or services and hire people to help you. Apparently, you hire people and pay them a ‘living wage” and you keep paying them whether you have a viable product / service or not. Socialized business.

10. I don’t think that students should have to go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to get a college degree so our society flourishes in the hands of future generations. Oh yea, lets add a right to free education to the list in number 8 above. Talk about irresponsible behavior. You are addressing the wrong question to this problem.

11. I don’t think economic prosperity within a society is found by giving more to those who have too much already. Do you know where economic prosperity is found? Then what’s the rest of the thought? How do we accomplish such a feel good goal? Oh, Robin Hood, of course, take more money from the rich and give to everyone else. We are barely half way through this list, have we run out of money yet?

12. I would rather be wrong about climate change and turn this world into a planet sustained by wind, solar and water energy sources rather than do nothing until it’s too late and end up with an uninhabitable Earth. There is nothing that needs to be said here. Just click your heels three times and say I want to go home, I want to go home, i want renewable energy sources – NOW! – and they will appear. This statement is “Wizard of Oz” dreamy and therefore moronic on its own. Remember “demand” in proud belief #7 above. Where is the demand for renewable energy? Oh, there would be more demand if we could provide it at a price people are willing to pay. How do we do that? First we penalize all the affordable energy solutions people use. But the renewable stuff is still too expensive to buy. Oh, we provide government tax breaks and subsidies to stimulate investment. So these tools are okay if used for liberal causes. And lets not forget SCIENCE; proud belief #1, 97%, right? Is the trend in liberal beliefs obvious yet, ideology vs effective decision making.

13. I believe education is one of the most vital assets a person can have, not a tool for liberal indoctrination. We agree completely! So stop doing it.

14. While I know guns aren’t the only reason why we have so much gun violence in this country, I know that they are an issue. Gee, another deep thought, no wonder you’re proud. So we need to change the Constitution to help with the gun issue? Thanks again Karl.

15. I believe we should be making it easier for Americans to vote, not more difficult. It’s already easy to vote. Stopping off on your way to or home from work is already too much effort for too many people to exercise this priceless freedom. Having elections that are credible without the UN sending observers would be nice. How embarrassing for the world’s poster child for free elections. Some want everyone to vote no matter their legal status in the US. The Founders warned against this.

16. I think a nation is judged best by how it treats its poorest citizens, not its richest. America’s poorest are richer than most of the rest of the world! And 50 years of ‘War on Poverty’ failure is not enough for a thickheaded liberal to realize you, liberals, are hurting those most you are trying to help. Before your bleeding heart giveaways, poor families were actually families, minority poor women were having far less babies out of wedlock, and the cycle of poverty had a natural out in most cities. We are worse with our poorest citizens thanks to the failed liberal policies initiated from this incomplete, but proud liberal belief.

17. I believe in equal rights for all Americans, not just those who look and act like me. What is really important in this statement is the definition of equal. There is no place in the world where people have equal basic rights than in America, period. Equal opportunity is given, but not equal results. Opportunity is everywhere, not easy roads to opportunity. The willingness and persistence to pursue said opportunities are required, not equal individual opportunities. Natural selection is part of a scientific belief the left uses to fight religion. Why is it no longer a natural part of human existence? Because it doesn’t further the ideological objective. But the liberal needs government, which they didn’t want above, to legislate that everyone is as good as everyone else, when it is already in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Why? The reason is because some people make choices that a large swath of society doesn’t understand or support. That doesn’t necessarily make them bad, it just makes them largely undesirable by most people in the country. This reaction makes those who made those choices feel bad. We don’t need consequences for our actions do we? So lets legislate that other people can’t think that way. Oh, so freedom of thought and speech is now limited to only those who say or think what liberals wants is to. See a pattern in these beliefs yet?

18. I don’t believe that if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would be a gun-loving anti-immigrant selfish prick who vilified the poor, judged others and loved war. Amazing. Of course he wouldn’t, and neither do religious conservatives whom this rant is targeted to disparage. Conservatives give more money to the poor and charities than liberals by a large margin. Conservatives believe in the value of immigration, helping the poor, the Constitution and the liberals right to have and to speak an ignorant opinion like this. What happened to the tolerant, inclusive and caring progressive we are supposed to believe exist? Seems that tolerance is also only true for special interest groups and policies that liberals support. Liberals don’t want you to exist and certainly don’t want you to speak.

19. I understand capitalism can create great things, but it can also destroy them without proper regulations and oversight. Pretty big statement. What actually can capitalism destroy? And while I understand that some regulation is certainly a good thing, food for example, regulation as a rule is a bureaucratic, non-added value process. Fixing whatever you think is bad about capitalism through blanket regulation is a bad idea. And, every attack on capitalism by liberals, no matter how it is covered with faint praise, is really a subliminal advertisement for Marxism

20. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Louie Gohmert and George W. Bush will never represent my ideological beliefs. OK.
My question is why? So, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chris Todd, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Paul Krugman, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Chuck Todd, et al … are your ideological role models? OK! And you’re proud of that?

Liberals are arrogant, angry, self centered, deluded, faithless people looking for a reason why they exist. In their efforts to find this purpose they jump onto every concept that makes them feel good about themselves. Since they are self centered, what makes them feel good about themselves is the purpose. Since they are arrogant, they believe they and only they are smart enough to understand complex subjects, which they make complex even if they are not. This also feeds the self centered purpose. This arrogance actually knows no bounds because they think that all of history is either wrong on doesn’t matter, because today we know so much that everything learned in human history is just out of date. Arrogant self centered people throughout the ages thought the same way. In 1492 these people believed the world was flat. In 1799 these same people killed George Washington because they thought bleeding him would help cure his common cold. And at the end of the 19th century, these people thought that everything that could be invented – had. Wow! Sound like these liberals today who think that there is nothing we today don’t know. Whatever scientific theory is created means that every historical accumulation of knowledge is no longer valid or more importantly, that we couldn’t possibly develop anything scientifically tomorrow that might add to or change our current theories.

When reading or watching liberal explanations of current issues, remember three things:
1. the truth is usually 180 degrees from where they say it is.
2. their objective is to make themselves feel good and superior.
3. everything they believe, just ain’t so.