20 Reasons Why I’m Thankful That I’m a Liberal

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By Allen Clifton,

from Forward Progressives,

It’s like I’ve said before, growing up as a liberal in a conservative stronghold such as Texas has not always been easy, but I don’t think that I would have had it any other way. See, while it would have been very easy for me to simply shutoff my brain and walk around this world aimlessly like a mindless conservative zombie repeating everything I heard on Fox News, I actually ended up a liberal due to the ignorance I witnessed growing up in such a beacon of conservatism.

So with all of that said, I thought I’d list 20 reasons why I’m thankful that I’m a liberal.

1. I don’t ignore scientific facts simply because they don’t support my political ideology.

2. I believe “freedom of religion” means freedom for, or from, all religions.

3. I believe that we should worry about helping the full-time worker at Walmart who still needs help from the government just to survive instead of the greedy company not paying them enough to take care of their family despite working 40 hours a week.

4. A woman – not the government – should have the right to have control over her own body.

5. I know the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies (the leading factor behind most abortions) is by making sex education and contraceptives more readily available – not less.

6. I don’t think war should be the first option on the table, but the last.

7. I know tax breaks don’t create jobs – demand does.

8. I believe health care should be a right for every American who needs it, not just those who can afford it.

9. I believe that if a business can’t pay their workers a living wage then they shouldn’t be in business.

10. I don’t think that students should have to go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to get a college degree so our society flourishes in the hands of future generations.

11. I don’t think economic prosperity within a society is found by giving more to those who have too much already.

12. I would rather be wrong about climate change and turn this world into a planet sustained by wind, solar and water energy sources rather than do nothing until it’s too late and end up with an uninhabitable Earth.

13. I believe education is one of the most vital assets a person can have, not a tool for liberal indoctrination.

14. While I know guns aren’t the only reason why we have so much gun violence in this country, I know that they are an issue.

15. I believe we should be making it easier for Americans to vote, not more difficult.

16. I think a nation is judged best by how it treats its poorest citizens, not its richest.

17. I believe in equal rights for all Americans, not just those who look and act like me.

18. I don’t believe that if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would be a gun-loving anti-immigrant selfish prick who vilified the poor, judged others and loved war.

19. I understand capitalism can create great things, but it can also destroy them without proper regulations and oversight.

20. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Louie Gohmert and George W. Bush will never represent my ideological beliefs.

And, clearly, these aren’t the only reasons why I’m thankful that I’m a liberal. The list could have gone on much longer. But feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know why you’re thankful to be a liberal.

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