Overtly Political“, WOW!

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from The Gray Area:

Today, the debate about whether the Big Three TV networks, ABC, CBS & NBC, should carry live the President’s immigration announcement tonight has filled the airwaves. On the surface, it is a curious development. A Presidential speech to the nation not covered by the Big Three? How could the much discussed topic of immigration, 6 years worth of discussion, not get all the networks attention?

From a 2014 media perspective, how could the media not cover their favorite President as he makes a speech to the nation? How could they miss President Obama in all his glory as he describes his benevolent, decisive leadership by single-handedly fixing the immigration problem through executive order? Media Matters, a leftist media watchdog group, said it was a “shameful decision”.

With the usual pressure from the left, I don’t expect this decision to hold. One or more of the networks will cave in and show the 15 minute speech, holding commentary until later, after the “sweeps” type shows they are broadcasting are over. [Updated 9:44pm est: not one network caved.]

But even if they cave, there is still an interesting development worthy of note here. A “network insider” is quoted as saying “There was agreement among the broadcast networks that this was overtly political.”

WOW! They perceive this to be an “overtly political” message! And, therefore they are not going to show it! That ladies and gentlemen is news!

The American mainstream news media is by-passing an overtly political speech from President Obama. First, that they would by pass the speech. Second, that they would say that the reason is that it is “overtly political”. And third, that they would even notice the political focus of the act. Almost unbelievable.

As this plays out today and tomorrow, this bears watching for what happens tonight and how the networks react and comment.