The youngest women elected to office are Republicans

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from Hot Air,

Memo to all of you “Republican War on Women” talkers: Take a hike.

Two races of particular interest yesterday speak to an issue which goes far beyond the borders of their respective districts. One was a House race which I’ve written about here before. In New York’s north country, Elise Stefanik has won her battle against millionaire filmmaker Aaron Woolf and is now the youngest woman ever elected to the United States Congress.

That was a great win for the GOP, but there’s one other race worth mentioning. Do any of you recognize this woman?

She is Saira Blair. She’s a Republican. She was endorsed by the NRA. She was just elected as a state legislator in West Virginia. And she’s an 18 year old college freshman who ran her campaign out of her dorm room.

Is this the new face of the GOP? Smart, driven young people who are not just showing up to vote, but to roll up their sleeves and run for office. And if you want to insist that the Republicans are the party that hates women, these young ladies would probably beg to differ. Something tells me that the Democrats are going to have to retool their message for 2016, because that dog’s not hunting.

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