Feminists Demand Censorship

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from InfoWars,

Feminists are enraged over a viral video showing various Star Wars characters catcalling Princess Leia as she walks through New York City because they claim it “trivializes” street harassment.

“Wow, this video should be reported, disliked and taken down,” one woman said.

“Eight hundred thousand innocent women are traumatized and are forced to take therapy and sometimes drugs. I don’t find this video amusing, I find it offensive.”

Another video commenter, Ashleigh N., claimed the Leia video “completely trivializes the actual struggles shared by women everyday” while reinforcing “the institutionalized racism fueled by xenophobia, classism, and white privilege.”

“If you need to ask why, you probably need to check you privilege,” she wrote.

It’s not unusual for modern-day feminists to demand censorship of anything they disagree with.

A few months ago, feminists pressured multiple retailers to stop selling various superhero t-shirts because they felt the shirts promoted a “chauvinistic” message.

“DC [Comics] isn’t alone when it comes to producing chauvinistic apparel,” Yahoo contributor Lauren Tuck wrote. “Last year, an ‘Avengers’ shirt for boys declared, ‘Be A Hero,’ while the shirt for girls said, ‘I Need A Hero.’”

Unfortunately, this is the current state of the feminist movement after it was taken over by the CIA and other special interest groups back in the 1950s to promote an “us vs. them” mentality between women and men while ignoring genuine women’s rights issues.

Prior to that, feminism was a real grassroots movement which promoted women’s property rights and voting rights among other noble causes.

Fortunately, more women are now realizing the current feminist movement is nothing more than a top-down dogma meant to encourage “gender wars” which distract from genuine oppression by governments – including the legalized abuse of women in other countries.

“It is a curious fact that our courageous feminists leaders, women who attack mild-mannered American men at the slightest sign of sexism, often grow oddly silent when confronted with the more fundamental abuse of women in Muslim societies,” social commentator Charlotte Hays wrote.

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