Republicans dominate Senate, House and Governor races in mid-term election

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from The Gray Area:

The mid-term elections tonight appear to be a repudiation of both incumbents and President Obama as Republican candidates dominate. The congressional map favored Republicans this year and they took advantage of the opportunity.

The Senate tonight shows +7 for Republicans with Alaska coming in late, Louisiana going to a runoff and North Carolina and Virgina may be a re-count. In Kansas, Republican’s held their Senate seat even where Democrats pulled a high profile slight of hand by removing the Democrat candidate and putting their efforts behind the independent candidate. Kentucky and Georgia were supposed to make it hard for Republicans to come close to the +6 they needed. All Republican. The Republicans now hold the Senate majority and that majority could be greater by the time its finally over.

The House can add up to 10 more seats for Republicans.

Governor races throughout the US have shown strongly for Republicans. 3 Republican women governors win re-election – where is the war on women! And Scott Walker in Wisconsin. He has now won three elections to win his second term, after winning two elections and a recall against national Democrat money and pressure.

Density of population continues to be a driver of political elections today. Cities vote Democrat, the rest of the country votes Republican. Look at county maps going back to the Clinton era and you see it very clearly. Some Republican victors had improved metropolitan performance tonight. The results are showing that even in states (Ohio, Colorado) and suburban counties (Cleveland, Denver, Atlanta) where President Obama won in 2012, the voters went more Republican. Did you notice how late the votes are coming in from cities in the east which are historically and reliably Democrat. How can precincts in rural counties have results before inner city precincts do? Atlanta area, suburban DC Northern Virginia area, NC around Raleigh. Curious. Even more curious when Bob Beckel, Democrat strategist on FOX tonight said the Northern Va areas traditionally hold votes late.

Reliable Democrat strongholds like California, Minnesota and Hawaii continued the Democrat trend.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews tonight talked about Republicans being right wing extremists and they were winning because they were coming over to the center where the Dems are. Then he called Pres Obama center-left! This gives the best example of the misguided judgement of the left media, left politicians and left voters. President Obama is not center left, he is not left, he is clearly far, far left. His ideology, his messages and his record clearly state that. Because of that he drags the Democrat party far left from center as well. Chris Matthews and others who say differently are oblivious to the truth. He even went after Scott Walker saying “what is his resilience about, he has seem to have much charisma, he’s a regular looking guy what is his ability to just come out and win and win big if this holds up …”. If you have substance vs charisma they don’t understand it.

Now with 6 years in office, America again voted to reject Democrat agenda again as they did in 2010. Miraculously President Obama won re-election in 2012, largely due to better campaign fundamentals. In 2016, the Democrat campaign fundamentals will again get votes and turnout for presidential elections which are always higher. Republicans will have to campaign professionally and have a clear agenda that defines themselves and not play defense against the competition’s definition of them. The Republican brand is bad among blacks and single women and needs to clearer and better communicated to win a presidential election.

Results vs promise of big government after 6 years is now clear – results aren’t consistent with the promise. Americans want results and they will punish you if they don’t see them. That is good news this time for Republicans. But the same thing applies to Republicans as to Democrats. Perform or you are out.