Liberal Media Downplay or Ignore Democratic Scandals During 2014, an Election Year

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from Media Research Center, Watchdog Newsletter,

The liberal media were in the tank for Barack Obama in his 2008 and 2012 presidential election runs. But they also pulled out all the stops to help leftists get elected and re-elected in the off year contests.

This year is no exception as left wingers continue to push their agenda, in the culture and in the halls of power, with the help of a liberal media that spreads their gospel but also either spins, downplays or outright ignores the bad news that could hurt the left.

That non-coverage or censorship of bad news, is analyzed daily by the MRC and a report reveals some of the outrageous scandals the liberal networks ABC, CBS, and NBC are hiding from the American people – in 2014 alone! The report,Liberals Behaving Badly: Political Scandals the Networks Are Hiding From You.

The Big Three networks, so far, have refused to report allegations of unethical behavior like Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid using campaign funds to pay $31,000 to his granddaughter, or allegations that Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn using an anti-violence initiative as a slush fund.

Bruce Braley

Embarrassments such as Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley, who mocked farmers in his home state, and Democratic Wisconsin Gubernatorial candidate Brett Hulsey making KKK hoods to give to Republicans, have gone unreported by the Big Three networks.

Democratic Senator John Walsh Drops Out of Race After Plagiarism Scandal.

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu Charged Campaign Flight to Taxpayers.

New Jersey Democrat, Rob Andrews, Leaves Congress Amid Ethics Probe.

Anti-Gun Democrat, Leland Yee, Accused of Illegal Arms Trafficking.

California State Democrats Suspended By State Senate for Corruption.

Charlotte Mayor, Patrick Canon, and ‘Friend of Barack’ Goes Down on Bribery Charges.

Child Pornography Charges Filed Against Former Illinois Democrat State Representative Keith Farnham.

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