ABC: Chris Christie ‘Lashes Out’ While Hillary Shows ‘Softer Side’

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from Media Research Center,

Good Morning America’s Jon Karl on Thursday couldn’t help but contrast Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton as “lashing out” vs. the “softer side.” Featuring the two possible 2016 contenders, George Stephanopoulos chided, “We’re going to turn to politics now and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashing out on the stump.” An ABC graphic underlined, “Caught on Camera: Chris Christie Lashes Out.”

The New Jersey governor got into a verbal battle with a protester. The GMA journalists ignored the fact that the man involved, Jim Keady, is a Democrat and blogger for the liberal Huffington Post. Instead, Karl compared, [Christie’s] blunt style stood in stark contrast with the softer side that new grandmother and likely Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton showed as she campaigned, Wednesday, in Iowa.”

Karl then included a clip of Clinton quietly recounting, “And all of a sudden, she reaches this little finger up to my mouth. She goes, ‘no sing, mommy. No sing.'” On GMA, it’s quite the contrast next to Christie screaming at the top of his lungs: “Someone like you, who doesn’t know a damn thing about what you’re talking about…Sit down and shut up!”

CBS also pounced on Christie’s confrontation. Jan Crawford skipped the protester’s liberal affiliation, too.

A transcript of the October 30 segment from The Media Research Center: