Struggling Governors Could Hurt GOP’s Senate Hopes

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from The Huffington Post,

As David Perdue campaigns throughout Georgia, the Republican candidate for Senate describes a struggling economy and people yearning for good jobs.

It’s not the emphasis that his fellow Republican, Gov. Nathan Deal, wants to hear.

Deal is battling for re-election while Democrats emphasize the economy and remind Georgians that they have the nation’s highest unemployment rate.

Georgia isn’t the only state where a governor on the ballot could conceivably undermine his party’s Senate nominee, or vice versa. Strong governor-senator links are by no means certain. But even a small drag could affect the GOP’s bid to gain six new Senate seats and take control.

Perdue constantly criticizes President Barack Obama, as do Republican Senate candidates in every contested race. Much of the criticism focuses on the economy, and Perdue portrays himself as a better job-creator than Michelle Nunn, his Democratic opponent.

Deal, meanwhile, talks of a brightening economic picture as he tries to hold off Democrat Jason Carter, grandson of former President Jimmy Carter.

“This is a state that is certainly rebounding,” Deal tells voters. He says Georgia is rated “the best state in the nation in which to do business.”

Democratic consultant Tharon Johnson says Perdue and Deal are sending a mixed message that’s likely to confuse, and possibly turn off, voters.

“Deal talks about Georgia being number one for business, and that may be true,” Johnson said. “But we’re also 50th in unemployment. Perdue touts his business acumen, but he outsourced jobs. There’s a disconnect.”

At least three other states have embattled governors whose campaigns possibly could hurt their party’s Senate nominee:

KANSAS, Alaska & Colorado.

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