Voter ID struck down in Texas by Obama appointed judge – 30 days before election

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from The Gray Area:

Today’s news about courts in Wisconsin and Texas blocking voter ID laws has the left declaring victory and the right promising further appeals. It seems like a good time to revisit the arguments from both sides.

On July 09, 2012 FoxNews Megan Kelly moderated a debate on Voter ID laws during a segment of her show. It is a fair view of the arguments from both sides.

By the timing of these decisions, it is clearly a politically important element to the left’s voting base vs a common sense element for the right. But, in our mind the common sense element will always win this argument. It is NOT a burden for anyone of any race to get a valid photo id in this country. These laws are bending over backward to make free id’s even easier to obtain. IDs that will provide benefits to the recipient far beyond voting.

Black voters when interviewed on this subject overwhelming agree with the common sense need for ID. Black voter turnout has increased as voter ID laws have increased. And, when you have districts reporting 141% of residents voted, the 300 vote victory in Minnesota for Sen. Al Franken, Indiana voter registration lists cleanup, and many others listed on this site, the argument that voter fraud does not exist is just ridiculous. The fight on this issue will continue, because quite frankly, it is just brain-numbingly stupid not to.

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