Don’t we want ‘honest’ messaging from our President?

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Aren’t we all tired of The President’s lame messages of blame, demonization and doubletalk by now?

from The Gray Area:

President Obama appeared on 60 Minutes last night speaking with Steve Kroft in a wide ranging interview that was obviously part of a 2014 election strategy. As we have become familiar, he chose to take no responsibility himself. He blamed George Bush and minimum wage for our problems with the economy and the intelligence community for ISIS emergence. To make sure everyone knows he is not attacking ISIS he said “This is not America against ISIL. This is America leading the international community to assist a country…”. Well that’s good, because ISIS has not threatened the US or murdered our citizens, right? Why would we have any reason to respond alone.

The President knows he needs to try to reduce the growing enthusiasm against him prior to the November elections, by appearing in control and measured in his response to terror. This will certainly backfire as anyone watchingwill see, other than those of his supporters who are too invested, that his words make no sense against the reality of what is happening in the US and the world.

Most people will recognize this from the President after his answer to the first question from Kroft: Mr. President, [a] lot of things going on in the world right now. A lot of them bad. You run into people on the street and they say the world is falling apart. You got Syria. You’ve got Iraq. You’ve got Ukraine. You’ve got Ebola. Is this the most difficult period of your presidency, the biggest challenge of your presidency, this period we’re in right now?

The President’s answer, was to go back to 2008 and …

President Obama: “It’s a significant period. But if you think about what I walked into when I came into office, we had not only two wars still active, but we also had a world financial system, that was becoming unraveling. And we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. So you know, we’ve had challenges before, and we’ve overcome them. That’s not to downplay the serious challenges that we do face right now, mostly internationally.

Not only did he clumsily dodge the question, but then tried to get viewers to believe that he was handed a terrible situation (which he was) and things are so much better after what he has done (which he has not).

Truthfully, the initial correction to the financial crisis was in place before he was inaugurated and his stimulus, Obamacare and other job killing policies made the problem worse. And further, the other two wars he mentions, if handled well, could have eliminated today’s problems, but he fumbled that ball badly too.

So, he got it right that his term included actions and events that affected our situation today, but those actions and events amplified the problems, they were not solutions that he brought forth.

There is consistency though to The President’s messaging over his 6 years. Everything is someone else’s fault. If only everyone would just do what he says things would be better. And, the actions he has taken, which have obviously failed, he likes to say are improving our condition. Particularly his taking any credit for the growth from the depths of the recession, is such a cheap point. The reality is the stock market and our overall economy are being artificially propped up by the Federal Reserve’s easy money polices. This was necessary at the beginning, but not 6 years later. Mr. Obama’s messaging so depends on this low interest rate program that the Fed is not having any success yet in eliminating itself from using this strategy to over-manage our economy. The President knows that when market forces return to our economy rising interest rates will raise the cost of our debt to a point that will possibly bankrupt this country.

I am hopeful that most Americans are seeing through the politics of “optics” after 6 years of the same spin and blame game. Even if you think the President has the country’s best interest at heart (which his dishonest messaging should prove that he does not), by now, you should see the ruse and should have grown tired of such poor and harmful leadership.