NY Times Book Review Banishes David Limbaugh From Rightful Place on Best-Seller List

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from Media Research Center,

The New York Times best-seller list is again trying to deny best-seller status to conservative authors.

That leftist rag is infamous for smearing conservatives and promoting a leftist agenda on its front pages and editorials, and once again, it seems politics has seeped even into its bestseller book list!

Read the full shocking report here.

They did it with Dinesh D’Souza’s book America. Now it’s David Limbaugh’s latest book Jesus on Trial.

The Washington Examiner reports that The New York Times has “banished conservative legal author David Limbaugh’s latest, Jesus on Trial, from its upcoming best seller list despite having sales better than 17 other books on the list.”

Can you believe these shameless partisans? They hate conservatives so much that they’re willing to rig their bestseller list! This is beyond the pale, and borders on corruption.

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