Airstrikes Kill World’s Most Wanted Man, Reveal Toothpaste Threat To US

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from Daily Mail,

Airstrikes in northern Syria killed the ‘world’s most wanted terrorist’ before his band of Islamist militants were able to carry out deadly ‘toothpaste tube bomb attacks’ on the U.S. and Europe, American officials believe.

Muhsin al-Fadhl, 33, was identified as the leader of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Khorasan Group – a radical terror collective specializing in intercepting Western jihadists on their arrival in Syria, and training them to carry out deadly bomb attacks on targets in their home nations.

As well as an American and Arab coalition hitting targets relating to ISIS militants in Syria yesterday, the U.S. air force also independently struck Khorasan as intelligence suggested the group were nearing ‘the execution phase’ of a terror atrocity against a Western target that could have rivalled 9/11.

Details of the alleged death of al-Fadhl emerged this afternoon from a U.S. military official speaking on condition of anonymity.

Despite his relatively young age, the Kuwait-born militant was an Al Qaeda veteran; joining the terror group as a teenager and becoming so close to its leadership that he was among a select few with prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks in America, despite having only just turned 20 at the time.

News of Muhsin al-Fadhl’s alleged death comes as a fresh wave of airstrikes hit ISIS-held territory close to Syria’s border with Turkey overnight.

The U.S. is confident that a barrage of close to 40 Tomahawk missiles aimed at Khorasan training camps in the Aleppo countryside killed the group’s leader Muhsin al-Fadhi yesterday.

‘We believe he is dead,’ a U.S. military official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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