Individuals Health Insurance May Be Cancelled October 1

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from NCPA,

The New York Times reports that 115,000 people will see their health insurance cancelled on October 1. Why? Those enrollees have not proved that they are American citizens or legal immigrants actually eligible for Obamacare health coverage.

Similarly, 363,000 people, according to the Obama administration, will no longer receive federal subsidies this fall. Those enrollees reported incomes (which made them eligible for federal financial aid) that were inconsistent with government records.

According to Andrew Slavitt of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the government has been asking enrollees for eligibility verification for months. If they end up providing verification information after cancellation, they may be able to have their coverage reinstated, he says.

There were 966,000 people who enrolled in Obamacare with questionable immigration and citizenship status, but the majority of those individuals sent their verification information to the government when requested. The New York Times reports that Florida has the most residents poised to lose coverage, with 35,100 Florida enrollees having failed to verify their legal status.

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