Democrats in La-La Land

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Hollywood’s Liberal Elite are now pouring cash into Democrat Senate campaigns.
Today, the Democrat-led United States Senate represents Hollywood over the values of mainstream America. And Hollywood wants to keep it that way.
Bill Clinton is hosting a luxury, big money event with Hollywood royalty at a pop star’s mansion tonight for a Democrat Senate candidate. In just a few days, the Hollywood Elite are hosting what they’re calling the “biggest A-ticket event” for another Democrat Senate candidate.
And one single member of the Hollywood elite – a billionaire movie studio head – just funneled over a million dollars into a Democrat Senate campaign.
This isn’t a movie — and this isn’t a one-season series. This is real life — and this election will have real consequences for the next six years of our lives.
While the liberals rely on big money from the Hollywood Elite and liberal billionaires to bankroll their campaigns.

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