Right-Wing Media Scandalize Obama For Distinguishing Islam From Terrorism

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from Media Matters,

President Obama: “ISIL Is Not Islamic.” During a September 10 address to the nation, President Obama discussed his intention to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State through a four-point plan that would increase airstrikes, provide support to forces fighting the threat, increase counter-terrorism measures, and protect civilians. Obama also differentiated between the religion of Islam and the terrorist group, the Islamic State, asserting that “ISIL is not ‘Islamic'” (emphasis added).

ABC’s Ingraham: “We Have A Commander In Chief Who Won’t Call It What It Is.”

Fox’s Krauthammer: President Obama’s Distinction Is “Both Patronizing And Ridiculous.”

[Others Have] Made Clear That Terrorism Does Not Represent Entirety Of The Islamic Faith

Sen. Paul: The Islamic State Is Not “A Form Of True Islam.”

Bush: “We Do Not Fight Islam, We Fight Against Evil.”

Bush: “The Face Of Terror Is Not The True Faith Of Islam.”

Bush: “The Terrorists Are Traitors To Their Own Faith

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