10 Reasons to Join ISIS by British Islamic Extremist

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from Breitbart.com,

A North-London hate preacher who was released early from Prison in 2010 has published a BuzzFeed style top-ten listicle of benefits of joining ISIS to his thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Describing the perks of traveling to ISIS territory, he praises the Islamic State’s multiculturalism and policy of only taxing non-Muslims.

This latest proclamation of support for one of the world’s most extreme Islamist groups by Mizanur Rahman was clearly reminiscent of the lists published by American media outlet BuzzFeed. Rather than focusing on international Jihad, these lists tend to feature more esoteric, lighthearted subjects such as “22 Dogs Who Understand The Struggle Of Being Lactose Intolerant” and “22 Reasons Everyone In Britain Is Glad It’s Finally Autumn”.

Mizanur Rahman is a well known character in Britain’s extremist community, and enjoys a close relationship with infamous preacher Anjem Choudary who described him recently as a “good friend”. He knew Michael Adebolajo, killer of soldier Lee Rigby, and took him on protests. He repeatedly refused to condemn the attack in a 27 minute radio interview with the BBC Asian Network in the aftermath of the Woolwich murder and said Britain needed to take responsibility for its actions abroad.

Rahman’s list, which he shared on Facebook and Twitter, highlighted the benefits of joining the Islamic State, which aside a heavy focus on financial incentives strangely picked up on the ‘multicultural’ aspect of International Jihad.

Rahman has long been a British cheerleader for extremist Islamist groups and self-defines as “[believing] the divine shari’ah (law) of Islam is superior to any man-made law in the East or West”. In 2006 he was tried over inciting racial hatred, and convicted in 2007 for soliciting to murder. Although he was sentenced to six years imprisonment he only served four, and immediately resumed his extremist activities upon release.

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