You just can’t fix stupid!

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It is just this type of poor judgement and stupidity in the populace that is destroying America!

Apparently good-natured and sincere Americans, dumping dirt buckets on their heads to condemn Israel and support the people of Gaza. Those same people don’t seem to understand that it is the people of Gaza who allow the militants who govern the area to indiscriminately and randomly launch bombs into Israel for the express purposes of killing Israeli’s; women, children, it doesn’t matter.

It is Israel who is responding to such terror by telling the good people of Gaza to get out so they don’t get hurt because Israel is going to retaliate against the militants.

It is the militants who place bombs and munitions in schools and hospitals and then complain that Israel is targeting same.

It is those same militants who want to destroy Israel and have said so even after the most recent cease fire.

And, it is these same militants, that these apparently good-natured Americans, want to support through their “dirt bucket” challenge.

You just can’t fix stupid!

from MRC-TV,

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