Atheists Attempt to Rip Out Dedication Plaques with a Religious Reference at Schools!

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from Liberty Institute,

How did two long-standing dedication plaques with a religious reference for their respective schools end up scheduled for removal—and even covered over with duct tape?

First, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to the Midlothian, Texas ISD complaining of the plaques. They were irritated that the plaques, which had hung for almost two decades, had a religious message and could be seen by students at two elementary schools in one of America’s largest metro areas.

The plaques, emblazoned with the “offensive” words “Dedicated . . . to the education of God’s Children and to their teachers in the Name of the of the Holy Christian Church Soli Deo Gloria,” have been affixed to the school buildings for the past seventeen years, but only recently became the subject of a freedom of speech debate.

Second, upon receiving a complaint letter from FFRF, the Midlothian, Texas ISD decided not to fight a legal battle over a potential First Amendment violation and risk losing education dollars in litigation against FFRF, and instead chose to cover the plaques with duct tape early last week. The school district felt it did not have any choice because if it lost in court against FFRF, it would have to pay costly fees and expenses incurred by FFRF in bringing the lawsuit.

Community Rallies Strong

The men and women of Midlothian, however, would not tolerate what FFRF was trying to do to their schools. A Facebook protest group called “Bring Back the Plaque” was started, which has grown to over 6,000 members strong. More than 150 parents and advocates also gathered for an impromptu prayer rally at Mountain Peak Elementary School determined to stand for free speech in their schools. And dozens more gathered at the Midlothian ISD Administration building in protest in the following days.

Waves of individuals also rallied a call for legal action.

Then, on last Thursday, the plaques were uncovered by an anonymous activist, and the school district commendably stated that the plaques will remain uncovered, and plans to remove the plaques have been halted pending further review.

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