And The Games Begin, in Kansas

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Polls indicate that unifying the opposition to Mr. Roberts, could result in a Senate win for Democrats.

from The Wall Street Journal,

Upending the U.S. Senate race in Kansas, the Democratic candidate has withdrawn from the contest, leaving Republican Sen. Pat Roberts with a narrowed field and a potentially formidable opponent in an independent candidate.

The development may turn the race from a fairly safe contest for Mr. Roberts into a more difficult election.

Democrat Chad Taylor, a county prosecutor, offered no explanation for why he left the race. In a statement Wednesday night, he said that “after much consideration and prolonged discussion” with supporters, he “terminated” his campaign.

The development positions Greg Orman, the 45-year-old independent candidate, to present a clearer challenge to Mr. Roberts, who is seeking his fourth term. A Libertarian candidate also is in the contest.

Mr. Roberts, 78, last month survived a tough primary challenge from a tea party-aligned opponent, but analysts have said he was well-positioned to win the general election, given Kansas’ conservative tilt and the multicandidate field.

Publicly available polling is scant, but one recent survey by the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling had Messrs. Taylor and Orman each drawing about a quarter of the vote. Mr. Roberts hasn’t topped 40% in recent surveys, suggesting that an opponent who could unify the opposition to Mr. Roberts may be able to overtake him.

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