Austin Judge Rules Against Pro-Life HB 2

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from Texas Values,

An Austin federal court judge has struck down portions of the Pro-Life Omnibus Law, HB 2, as unconstitutional. Specifically the judge struck down the provision that requires abortion facilities to meet the same safety requirements that other surgical centers in Texas are already required to meet and the requirement that abortionists have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, specific to two clinics. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has quickly sought an appeal at the Fifth Circuit to protect women with the common sense safety measures included in HB 2.

This new attack comes on the heels of the Fifth Circuit already upholding two provisions of HB 2 earlier this year after the same federal judge had struck them down. As Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz told the LA Times, “Efforts by pro-abortion advocates in the past to stall the implementation of these common-sense laws that look to protect the health and safety of women have been stopped by the 5th Circuit. This will not be the end of this issue by a long shot.”

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