The distractions used to hide the facade behind Mom’s Demand Action and Michael Bloomberg

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from The Gray Area:

Amanda Marcotte in The Slate recently chose the obvious leftist tactic to demonize someone with an opinion opposite to hers when she took on Dave Kopel’s article on Michael Bloomberg’s funding of Mom’s Demand Action.

Her article titled, The NRA launches sexist attack on Mom’s Demand Action, takes not one sentence to debate the purpose of Mr. Kopel’s article. Instead she deflects from his assertions by trying to cast Mr. Kopel as sexist.

Mr. Kopel actually uses Shannon Watts’, the front person for Mom’s Demand Action, own biographical statements to point out the deception of the group. Then he spends time discussing how that is consistent with Michael Bloomberg deceitful anti-gum crusade. Make no doubt about it, this is not a “common sense” approach group. Mr. Kopel gives reason to believe they are a facade to hide a confiscatory approach.

Next she attacks Mr. Kopel for “painting Ms. Watts in the “worst possible light”. This is laughable as the main political strategy of every anti gun person and for that matter every leftist special interest is to do exactly that, cast the other person in the worst possible light.(Think Supreme Court Justice Thomas and every black or female conservative candidate of the past 10 years.) Apparently she wants only that tactic to be the property of the left’s character assassination team. Even more curious when as she is saying this, she is actually using the same tactic calling Mr. Kopel a sexist. Painting him in the worst possible light?

It is further contradictory to see the left supposedly take up for a “humble stay at home Mom” when they spend the rest of their political energy demeaning same as unmotivated, unintelligent, stepford wives. The obvious strategy behind such contradictory arguments is that they are against everyone who disagrees with them and for everyone who agrees with them. Interesting position for those who expose such tolerant and inclusive character traits.

I find it best to look 180 degrees away from what ever point is being made by the radical left, in order to find their honest message. This article is another clear example of demonization and deception strategy, to hide from an honest debate.