Electoral Madness? The GOP is driving Hispanic voters out of the party

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by Nina Easton,

from Fortune Magazine,

The obstructionist wing threatens not only immigration reform, but electoral prospects for generations to come.

The White House deserves plenty of blame for the heart-wrenching sight of Central American children flooding across the border. But that’s no excuse for Republican leaders to let … obstructionism … stands in the way of immigration reform, threatening Republican prospects for recapturing the White House in 2016 and beyond.

A quarter of Hispanics are rock solid GOP voters, and half are solidly in the Democratic camp.

That leaves a quarter up for grabs, but not if the GOP blocks immigration reform. The flip side is also true: fully three-quarters of Hispanic voters would be more open to Republican candidates if they supported a legal pathway for undocumented workers living here.

Republicans revealed in a poll that they supported a plan with increased border patrols, employer verification, a guest worker program and a pathway to legal status. The key was avoiding the loaded word “amnesty”.

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