What the New York Times forgot to say about abortion …

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from Americans United For Life,

[T]he New York Times, in a national profile piece out now for its weekend magazine, included Americans United for Life board member and prominent physician Dr. Monique Chireau in a long overdue discussion. Just how safe are chemical abortion drugs? And whom can you trust to tell you the truth?

Reporter Emily Bazelon wrote: “Monique Chireau, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Duke University School of Medicine and a board member of Americans United for Life, says the number of women who die or suffer serious complications from abortions may be higher than reported. ‘The truth is we have no idea what the rates of morbidity and mortality for abortions are in the United States, because the data system is flawed,’ she told me. Some states don’t accurately report, she said, and the numbers may not be dependable, because women who go to the doctor or emergency room with complications may be reluctant to say that they’ve had a medical abortion. ‘Despite all we may hear about abortion being a benign procedure, it’s really not,’ Chireau said of the pills.”

Abortion harms women. In fact, abortion – including chemical abortion from life-ending drugs – should come with a warning label. Chemical abortions have resulted in deaths when women’s bodies became wracked with deadly infection. And women taking life-ending drugs are admitted to hospitals at a higher rate than women experiencing surgical abortion.

Of course, the New York Times concluded otherwise. Looking the other way and disregarding the evidence, they breezily concluded that abortion is safe.

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