Austin Proposes ‘Transgender’ Bathroom Ordinance

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from Texas Values,

Austin City Council member Chris Riley is proposing a transgender bathroom ordinance that would effectively ban all male and female single-occupancy bathrooms in Austin, forcing the bathrooms to become “gender neutral.” National pro-homosexual organizations, like the Human Rights Campaign, have been pushing bans on male/female bathrooms around the country. Councilman Riley has indicated the ordinance is being pushed by homosexual advocates and has stated that displaying male and female signs is “discriminating, forcing them [LGBT community] to conform to a gender identity.” The proposal is scheduled for the council’s agenda this week.

Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz was interviewed by Fox 7 on the proposal this week and noted the numerous serious problems with the bathroom ordinance for the City of Austin:

“Legally, politically and financially, this is not a smart move by the city of Austin. There are major privacy issues and safety issues when we deal with these type of transgender bathroom issues and we’ve seen them come up in Houston and San Antonio, where women are concerned about sharing or having to use a restroom where maybe a man’s going to come in before or after them, you have small children and little girls.”

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