Media refuses to call ISIS ‘terrorists’

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from Media Research Center,

The liberal media are refusing to call the murderous ISIS barbarians “terrorists.” Instead they’re constantly referring to these killers as “rebels” and “militants.”

Why are they doing this? Because when he ran for re-election, President Obama told the American people that Islamic terrorists are on the run, that they were on the path to defeat.

The emergence of a brutal army of terrorists conquering Syria and Iraq, and butchering men, women, and children completely annihilates Obama’s credibility.

And the media cannot have that. Why? Because they’re the chief propagandists for this administration.

So they’re scrambling to portray ISIS as rebels in a civil war, as opposed to Islamic terrorists poised on establishing a caliphate.

But there is more.

These barbarians are also targeting Christians for genocide. It’s vile and unconscionable. It’s pure evil.

The media don’t want the American people to know the extent of ISIS’s barbarism and how they’re systematically targeting and murdering Christians. It makes Obama look bad, because it shatters his credibility on foreign policy.

But, while the American people are starting to catch on as Obama’s approval ratings sink to new lows, the media are not deterred. They continue to be fanatically committed to his agenda and to promoting left-wing candidates running for office in 2014.

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