Michael Brown Allegedly Attacked Officer Before Fatal Shooting

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from Breitbart.com,

Before he was shot and killed, Michael Brown allegedly bum rushed officer Darren Wilson multiple times, punched him in the face, grabbed his gun and caused it to discharge, and even taunted Wilson, saying, “You’re not going to shoot me,” according to a woman who claims to know Wilson’s significant other.

Last week, “Josie” called into KFTK NewsTalk 97.1 and said Wilson allegedly thought Brown was “on something” and felt Brown’s actions were “unbelievable.” CNN has since reported that her recollection matches what Wilson told police after the incident. “Josie” told host Dana Loesch that Wilson’s “significant other told me” the account Sunday night before the riots occurred and claimed they have not been in contact with anyone since last Tuesday morning.

After saying that she was scared but wanted to get Wilson’s version of the events out there, “Josie” claimed that Wilson said Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson “were walking in the middle of the street,” refusing to get out of the street after Wilson asked them to do so. She said there “was some cussing involved,” and Wilson “pulled up ahead of them, and he was watching them.” At that point, the caller claimed Wilson got a call about a “strong-arm” robbery, and he looked in their hands and saw the cigars that Brown allegedly stole from a convenience store, according to surveillance video that was released.

“Josie” claimed when Wilson opened the door to get out of the police car, “Michael slammed his door shut.” Brown, according to “Josie,” then “bum rushes him, punches him in the face.” She said at one point Brown “got the gun totally turned against his hip,” and “Darren shoves it away and the gun goes off.”

“Josie” claimed Brown and Johnson started running away and, following protocol, Wilson pursued them while they were 35 feet ahead of him and yelled, “Freeze.” She said Brown then started taunting Wilson by saying,”Oh, what are you going to do about it? You’re not going to shoot me.”

“All of a sudden, he just started to bum rush him, he just started coming at him full speed,” the caller claimed, “And he just started shooting and he just started coming. He really thinks he was on something.”

The caller claimed that Wilson thought “it was unbelievable” and that his “final shot was in the forehead.” Brown then allegedly fell about two to three feet in front of Wilson. “Josie” said Brown was not shot in the back, contrary to initial reports.

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