Photos from London, 2006, not to be ignored

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The series of photographs displayed in this video were taken during a February 3, 2006 protest staged by angry Muslims against the publication in a Scandinavian newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. An estimated 500 – 700 protestors marched Regent’s Park Mosque to the Danish Embassy.

MP David Winnick, a Member of the House of Commons said “the cartoons were deeply offensive to hundreds of millions of Muslims. But it is totally unacceptable that, on British soil, there should be thugs demonstrating for people to be beheaded and actually glorifying atrocities. It is hoped that prosecutions will follow.”

Other Muslims indicated the protestors were extremist and not representative of mainstream British Muslims.

No arrests were made due to the size of the crowd.

Muslims "Religion of Peace Demonstration." by aussiestormer