What if it’s all a lie?

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from The Gray Area:

In the August, 2014 edition of The Limbaugh Letter, Rush Limbaugh goes through several shocking details to expose how the Climate alarmists are “Cooking the Climate Books”.

The left calls Limbaugh and all others who doubt or disagree with the climate change hysteria, “climate deniers”. They call them names, say they are stupid, and try to shame them with supposed facts from “settled science”. We are already seeing the effects!

There is plenty of information on this site to argue both sides, and this article from Rush Limbaugh is just a recent example.

So, if the “deniers’ are wrong, we know what the result will be. We hear it almost every day from the alarmists – the worst is yet to comeworldwide catastrophe, unlike anything imaginable!

Here’s a question for the man-made climate change robots. Suppose as Limbaugh, and others, say, you are being deceived about – “the facts”?

What if the 97% is all a myth?

What if the polar ice caps aren’t melting at historic rates?

What if there has been no global warming?

What message would that send to you? That the people you believe in, the issue you passionately support, the policies you aggressively demand to save the world, are all a big lie? Think about it.

Now I know the global warming robots will not be that easily swayed. They will say “the planet is better off” for all the money we spent on green policies and alternative energy. It is considered “insurance” against warming’s surprises. They will quote many supporting facts that they say are irrefutable. But since those facts are being refutted, suppose for a moment those facts you are being fed are false?

Do yourself and everyone you want to protect a favor. Do the research yourself. Listen openly to both sides. Put a little balance in your news sources. Read the rebuttals. Compare that with the climate change supporter’s “data” and decide for yourself if you are still a climate change believer.

And, if you are still a believer, at least you will be better armed to defeat the deniers.

But, if you are a little less sure …well, ask yourself again, suppose you are being deceived about the climate change facts and settled science? What is the real agenda? What would that mean?