Ohio Tries to Repeal Common Core

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from NCPA,

State legislator Matt Huffman has introduced a bill to repeal Common Core standards in Ohio, according to a report in the News-Messenger.

Huffman says that his bill has the support of House leadership in the state, and lawmakers hope to have a full vote on the measure when they return to the Statehouse in November. Parents and legislators are concerned that the standards are a prime example of government overreach and one that fails to consider the unique needs of states.

However, Ohio Governor John Kasich has been a supporter of Common Core, and he has veto power. Many have expressed skepticism that the governor would agree to a Common Core repeal. The Daily Caller, however, reports that while Kasich recently reiterated his support for the standards, he also said that he shares “the concern about loss of local control.”

Ohio would be the fifth state to withdraw from Common Core. Already, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Carolina and North Carolina have left the program. Missouri is looking at revising the standards, while Governor Bobby Jindal is fighting to do away with Common Core in the state of Louisiana.

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