Obama impeachment talk just political theater

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from CNN,

It’s the wildest dream of tea party extremists: the ultimate political comeuppance for the liberal President they love to hate.

Since the day Barack Obama got elected to the White House, they have wanted to force him out.

First, it was the birth certificate. Then, it was the bailouts. A succession of other allegedly impeachable issues followed: IRS targeting, the Benghazi terrorist attack, executive branch overreach.

But it’s not going to happen, even if Republicans take back the Senate and retain their House majority in the November congressional elections. Here’s why:

No chance: The numbers just don’t add up. Under the most optimistic election result for Republicans, they would be far short of the two-thirds Senate majority needed to convict Obama if the House passed articles of impeachment.

Stop just hatin’ all the time’: Meanwhile, Obama and Democrats talk up the threat to raise money and inspire their supporters to turn out in November.

“Don’t boo. Vote,” Obama told a Kansas City, Missouri, crowd that voiced its displeasure Wednesday over GOP tactics he criticized.

‘Not how America works’: It all makes for grand Washington theater in an election year but reflects deeper political undercurrents, particularly for a right wing already divided between diehard conservatives and more moderate Republicans.

GOP pivot: Now Boehner and others want to steer their base away from impeachment, he said, noting that they fear getting pushed into holding a vote that would be politically damaging.

“If you want to be president some day,” [Brown University political scientist Wendy Schiller] said, “the last thing you want is for Congress to be able willy-nilly to impeach you.”

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